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Joshua Gilleland
Joshua Gilleland

Joshua Gilleland is a highly talented steel sculpture artist based in San Antonio, Texas. With a passion for creating unique and awe-inspiring pieces of art, he has become a sought-after figure in the local arts community.

Joshua’s love for metalwork and sculpture began at a young age. He honed his skills through various apprenticeships and training programs, developing a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the technical aspects of his craft.

Joshua Gilleland is a San Antonio born welder, fabricator, and artist. At a young age discovering a passion for understanding and creating mechanisms both for fun and with purpose. His stepfather, an optical engineer, would design his own circuit boards and have Joshua solder the electronics. This taught him to be organized and meticulous with his work. Getting quicker and more efficient at constructing things as time went on. His mother, a talented social worker, taught him how to be patient with others and with himself. Growing up in a lonely household, her words always stuck in his mind. Spending much of his time alone, Joshua’s sense of introspection grew. His craving for expression formed into writing small poems, creating music, gardening which grew into an obsession with nature, and making gifts for his mother. These were the seeds that grew into the passions Joshua has today, both in his artwork and his fabrication.

Attending Hobart School of Welding Technology after high school, Joshua had started his path towards a career in welding. Upon becoming certified Joshua bounced from job to job for years, absorbing as much construction knowledge as possible. Working in fabrication shops, ironworking, and government positions. He worked on the floor, training welders, managing teams, and studying blueprints. But one thing stayed the same. He would master these positions quickly and eventually became unsatisfied with each one.

Feeling that he had to make a change in the way he approached his work, Joshua along with his friends rented a creative space where Axe & Elm was born. The space allowed Joshua to weld in a way he had never attempted before, artistically. Starting with small chain sculptures and quickly developing into more complex figures and materials. Sculpture gave him the means to single out his emotions and turn them from mental images to physical objects. Joshua started going to small art shows and even began being invited to larger shows such as Luminaria. People were able to resonate with the emotion of his pieces. Joshua’s goal is to promote introspection and thought with his artwork, to allow people to see parts of themselves, both known and unknown.